EPAEON is a non profit organization, founded to promote the integrated adoption of digital transformation.

About Us

EPAEON is a non-profit organization, founded to promote the integrated adoption of digital transformation by all the communal, public and private sectors in Europe, as well as to provide additional education and networking opportunities for young people who want to work and do business in the field of new technologies.

The establishment of the Institute creates an interdisciplinary dialogue and a series of initiatives between private companies, public sector organizations, European Community organizations, academia and individuals, in order to overcome difficulties and obstacles and to contribute to developing the necessary skills in young people, who will lead this transformation in the coming years.

Our Goal

Education, training and consulting, in order to facilitate the relevant activities for the design and implementation of the digital transformation, through the creation of a coherent network of experts and organizations, which will connect those who formulate policies at any level, the experts, the specialized consultants-trainers, the entrepreneurs, the employees and especially the young people, in order to challenge both Greece and the European Union, to progress and lead in the digital technology arena.

The organization or co-organization of various events, workshops, seminars and conferences, in collaboration with Scientific Amateur and Professional Associations, Higher Education Institutions, Technological Education Institutes, Other Non-Governmental Organizations, Local and Prefectural Bodies active in the field of digital transformation.

The key focal points of the Organization are:

Digitalization & Automation
Technology Entrepreneurship
Best practices in the field of governance & management
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data

Augmented and Virtual Reality
Internet of Things and Smart Cities
Digital Skills
Technology and Ethics
Privacy and Security
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Tokenization

Our Plan

News & Events