Our Plan

The Company seeks the realization of its goals by any legal means and mainly by:

  • Organizing offices to facilitate members' communication.
  • Providing scholarships and financial aid.
  • Organizing, co-organizing or participating on various events such as: workshops, conferences, seminars, schools and training centers.
  • Carrying out studies and collaborating with collective bodies and non-governmental organizations both at National and International level.
  • Collaborating with vocational training centers, vocational training institutes, private and public, with lifelong learning educational centers, associations, Federations, Local Authorities, private companies.
  • Publishing magazines, books and other brochures of interventional and scientific character.
  • Creating a website, blogs, social networking pages and organizing online seminars - schools.
  • Making announcements and press releases on the media.
  • Participating in Greek, European, international and global associations, bodies of participatory processes and procedures of public dialogue and intervention in order to promote the goals of the company.

Our Workspaces

Ioulianou 73, 10439
Athens, Greece
Xanthi, Greece